The Newest Trend: #Famfie (Family + Selfie)

Have you heard of the newest trend that abuzz the social scene today termed “Famfie”?

Famfie stands for family + selfie. I’m quite sure that we all know what selfie means and most of us mastered the trick in capturing our best selfie shots that’s why in the recent study conducted by TIME Magazine, Makati City and Pasig City combined are declared the Selfie Capital of the World. But, this latest trend takes a different level since you’ll take your “selfie” photo with a group of people that you consider as family. Yes, not with your biological family but, with the people you are close to that you treat as real family like your friends, workmates, helpers, etc. Hence, this is more exciting since you share the camera with the group that you love and capture your happy “Famfie” moment.

Let me share with you my “#Famfie” with my girlfriends…

These two ladies, Ethel and Lorraine, are the closest and truest friends that I have. They were my classmates way back in first year high school. That was almost 17 years ago. Since then, our friendship blossomed to greater heights and through the test of time we learned to treat and appreciate each other as family. We shared lots of laughter, heartaches, struggles and all. What’s surprising was that, we were only classmates for one school year since Lorraine and I transferred to different schools the year after. But, despite of the distance, new friends and environment, we managed to  keep in touch and the friendship and love remained like we’re never apart. [Continue reading...]

The Right Fit: WeChat And Zalora Partnership

WeChat, the country’s leading social mobile app, and Zalora, Asia’s leading online fashion destination now takes online shopping to greater heights for Filipinos.

WeChat wishes to continue its aim to give Filipinos an on-the-go platform to update them about ZALORA’s latest product assortments in a single swipe and to extend exclusive fashion news, promos, and exclusive content to its mobile users across the Philippines to over15 million visitors per month .

“As Filipinos lead more mobilized lifestyles, WeChat wants to help boost brands by providing them a mobile platform to further expand their enterprises. Aside from supporting retailers, this kind of practice can also open up a new business model for those in the wholesale industries.” Mr. Justin Sun, the Senior Director of Business Development and Operation at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app. [Continue reading...]

My Special Day Is Coming…


Hello mommies! How’s your week so far? I’ve missed all of you. I’ve missed blogging. I was unintentionally swamped with work the past few weeks. Actually, up to now, I have lots of task to do for our family business, household chores (hey, remember I don’t have house help since January 2), mommy and wifey […]

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Dyson Technology: Solving Everyday Problems

AM 01 Air Multiplier

What is Dyson Technology? Dyson is a British technology company with a philosophy to solve everyday problems that others ignore. The company continues its expansion bringing the latest technology to our country, Philippines. James Dyson, the genius behind this innovative technology, was frustrated over the performance of his vacuum cleaner twenty years ago. He ripped […]

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WeChat/Lazada Partnership: Hundreds Of Tablets Sold In A Couple Of Hours

Lazada WeChat Partnership

Remember my previous post regarding Lazada’s exclusive deal for WeChat users on its 2nd anniversary? Hundreds of tablets were sold in a couple of hours through WeChat. Indeed, the strong partnership between the country’s online shopping mall, Lazada, and the leading social mobile app, WeChat, has previously drawn success and received positive feedback. In this […]

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Lazada’s Exclusive Deal For WeChat Users On Its 2nd Anniversary

Great news for WeChat users! Lazada, the biggest online shopping mall in the Philippines is now on the country’s leading social mobile app, WeChat. Today, March 26, 2014, marks the 2nd anniversary of Lazada Philippines. And to resound this momentous event, Lazada wishes to thank the unwavering support of its consumers patronizing its platform offering […]

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