Be Part Of Taiwan Excellence Made To Enjoy Christmas Contest

The merriest month of the year is coming! It’s Christmas time once again! I know most of you are excited to receive Christmas presents from your loved ones. But more than receiving valuable gifts, Christmas is the time when we express our love and appreciation for others through act of kindness and generosity. Indeed, giving or granting the wish of our special someone means more than receiving. Hence, giving and sharing our blessings to others make us feel happier and more fulfilled. In line with its vision and mission to provide excellent lifestyle to Filipinos, Taiwan Excellence is holding its first-ever Christmas contest in the country called “Made To Enjoy Christmas Contest”.

Taiwan Excellence Made To Enjoy Christmas Contest lets you wish for others, grant their “Grown-up Christmas list” and give them an excellent lifestyle by just following easy steps.

Taiwan Excellence Christmas Contest 2
How to join Taiwan Excellence Made To Enjoy Christmas Contest:

1. Go and register at

2. Select a Taiwan Excellence gift for your loved ones

3. Register all the necessary information

4. Upload your photo and share why you want to give your Taiwan Excellence gift to your selected recipient (more…)