Breeze + Jollibee: Sige Sa Mantsa, Sige Sa Libre Meal Promo

Good news to all the Sige Moms with families who love  Jollibee’s langhap-sarap meals!

Breeze with ActivBleach and Surf 5-in-1 will be giving away free Jollibee favorites in the Sige sa Mantsa, Sige sa Libre promo. The country’s leading detergent brands are encouraging moms to say “yes” to life experiences and allow their kids to enjoy their favorite Jolly Spaghetti, without worrying about stained clothes.

How to get free Jollibee treats from Breeze?

  1. To get one order of Jolly Spaghetti, consumers must cut out and present the coupon at the back of a Breeze 700g pouch.
  2. One order of Jolly Spaghetti can be redeemed by cutting out and presenting the coupon code at the back of 6 pieces of 70g pouch of Breeze.
  3. Two orders of Jolly Spaghetti will be given for free when you  cut out and present the promo coupon found at the back of a Breeze with ActivBleach 1450g pack.
  4. One free Jollibee Chickenjoy with rice in exchange for a coupon found in the back of any Surf 5-in-1 2200g pack. Variants include Surf Tawas, Kalamansi, Antibacterial, Blossom Fresh and Sun Fresh.

Breeze and Jollibee Promo

Note: Consumers must make sure that their promo coupons are clean and free of powder, before they present these at any participating Jollibee store to redeem their favorite langhap-sarap treats. They can redeem up to three Jollibee items per visit per day.  [Continue reading...]

Sangobion Go Love Life! Makeover Event

I am one of the modern housewives and moms whose daily schedule is occupied with homemaking and mommy duties not to mention the obligation I have, to run our family business and my online tasks as a social media influencer and blogger. With all the roles that I have to portray on a daily basis, I oftentimes neglect my own “me-time”. Believe it or not, I don’t have the liberty to indulge in a salon pampering day nor a peaceful moment entirely for myself to read a book or sip my favorite espresso. I always put my family first, my work second and myself the least.

Sangobion Go Love Life

I was ecstatic when I learned about Sangobion’s Go Love Life! campaign as this exactly aims to change the notion of women to least prioritize themselves. Women, including myself, should realize that we can’t share our best self, serve our family, attend to their needs and effectively do our job if we don’t care enough of our own health and well-being first.

Sangobion Go Love Life
Sangobion’s Go Love Life!  campaign
was launched last May with the aim to remind women to make their health a priority so they can continue living the life they love. Through an online promo, Sangobion challenged women on social media to make a pledge to change for the better and take Sangobion everyday.

Joy Cabreba, Assistant Brand Manager for Sangobion_ Debbie Go, Head of Marketing for Consumer Health_ Jio Igual, Assistant Brand Manager for SangobionMs. Joy Cabreba, Assistant Brand Manager for Sangobion, Ms. Debbie Go, Head of Marketing for Consumer Health and Mr. Jio Igual, Assistant Brand Manager for Sangobion
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Grandparent’s Day Celebration With Jollibee

Jollibee Grandparent's Day

To all the loving lolos and lolas all over the world, Happy Grandparent’s Day! Today, we celebrate and honor the influence and joy our grandfathers and grandmothers made in our lives. This is the moment we thank them for all the love and sacrifices they’ve given to us and acknowledge their importance and role in […]

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Carrier Airconditioning: Healthy Air Indoors During the Rainy Season


Do you ever wonder how you can keep a bacteria-free home for less than P300.00 a month?  Now that we are experiencing the rainy season, the heavy downpours can adversely affect indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Without noticing, our room are turned into favorable environments where bacteria can thrive. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

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Beauty Scents Philippines: First And Biggest Luxury Outlet Store At Paseo de Sta. Rosa

Beauty Scents Philippines

I have been collecting different brands of fragrances for the past few years. Some I use everyday, some for special occasions and some just for display in my room. I stopped hoarding when I was expecting a baby since my sense of smell those days were crazy that I can’t take even the scent of […]

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Spread Healthy Smiles With Lotte Xylitol

Lotte Xylitol

Few weeks back, I was invited to an intimate get-together with my fellow mommy blogger/friends at Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie in BGC hosted by the brand, Lotte Xylitol. It was a lovely afternoon to know and  personally interact with other mommies whom I only know online. The event started with a “getting to know you” […]

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