2-Year Old Baby Counting In Spanish


Watching the cartoon series, Dora The Explorer, has a huge impact to my daughter. She learned several Spanish words and sometimes, communicated with us in that language. The shows that they observe truly play an important role in their formative years. It’s best that we monitor and carefully choose the shows that our children watch. Always remember that they are like a sponge, what they see, is what they absorb in an instant.

Here is a video of her counting in Spanish.


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  1. Marms says:

    same here sis…i was surprised one day she was playing with her piggy bank toy and she was counting the chips ‘Una’, ‘Dos’, ‘Twes’…hahaha! So cute!

  2. joyh says:

    She’s so cute! She reminds me of my son at that age, he used to count in Spanish as well. It is important because we used the same counting on our own language.

  3. jheylo says:

    heheheh she’s cute. She sure knows how to count in spanish. my kids watches Dora too and they picked up some spanish lines too like “sube” (climb), “ayudame” and etc… hehehhe. when i speak to them in my local dialect too they would think i’m using spanish language lol.

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