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Toy collection had been a huge part of my childhood and I’m quite sure, most of my readers also collected toys while they were young. I assume parents raising little girls and boys are also in their second phase of building their toy collection now.

There’s no denying the popularity of collectible toys; top-ten lists for Christmas toys have been filled with Squinkies or Lego Ninjago sets for the past few years, and baseball cards and Beanie Babies before that. Collectibles aren’t just for fun, however – studies have shown that collections can actually play a part in the brain development of young children, as kids start to name and categorize their possessions from around the age of 6. And, I’m quite surprised that my daughter, Keisha, at age of 2 can categorically identify her own things apart from a bunch of others’ possessions. I strongly believe that her toy collection is a major part of her mental development.

Sylvanian Family(photo from web)

Sylvanian (Labrador)  Family
(photo from web)

Though I’ve got a way to go before Keisha’s old enough to play with smaller toys, we recently bought some figures from Sylvanian Families for her cousin and she’s hardly put them down since. Having been more of a Beanie Babies girl when I was younger, I was amazed at well-made the Sylvanian figurines are in comparison.

We picked the Labrador Family as the little girl’s a big fan of dogs, and the characters all have their quirks, which I loved. There’s super attention to detail in their expressions, and that’s not even mentioning all the themed sets you can get, from a farmyard to a hospital, caravan, and even a grand Regency Hotel which looks as good as any dollhouse.

Boy’s collectibles tend to hog the limelight, what with movie merchandise like Star Wars and Batman figures, but Sylvanians have had an impressive run – they’ve been going strong since the mid-1980s, almost as long as I’ve been around. I’m definitely looking forward to buying Keisha her first set. And, for sure, she will instantly fell in love with the Sylvanians Family.


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  1. Mei says:

    I never had a collection when I was a kid nor even today. I had only a few toys back then and I remember sharing them with my playmates. I also seldom use them because I like running more than just sitting and playing dolls, whatsoever. Haha. I miss those days when I was a kid.

  2. Liza says:

    I believe that at age at a young age, they know what belongs to them and not. I have 2 younger kids and they are 17 months apart, both girls and by the time they turned 2 and 3, they know what belongs to who and my youngest would line up her toys according to color. kids are smart and with all these colorful and educational toys that they have, their bran develops faster.

  3. Gene says:

    I love Sylvanian Family! I wanted to collect these for so long but I have no place to put them here in our room. I remember playing with some of it when I was younger. Now that I’m older, I still want to play with them, or even just look at it. Whenever daughter and I were in a toy store, she would look at barbie houses and I would look at Sylvanian displays. She knows that it’s my favorite thing to look at and she’s only 4!

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