Keisha Wears H&M

I was surprised to see this H&M dress in our luggage when we had our vacation in Hongkong last year. I was unaware that my husband and my little girl had their own share of shopping while I was busy looking for my own clothes in H&M boutique.

Keisha wears H&M

Keisha wears H&M

Keisha wears H&M

 H&M for kids

H&M also carries wide variety of beautiful clothing line for  kids. I honestly feel guilty that I didn’t spend time looking for Keisha’s clothing from the store since we only had limited time to shop  plus the fact that I was so engrossed with myself that time. Bad momma bear! Anyway, there will still be next time and I’ll make sure I won’t be self-centered by then. Wink!

By the way, what can you say about my husband’s pick?


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  1. They sneaked out on you lol, she looks so pretty in it.

  2. Rcel says:

    And she looks gorgeous on that H&M dress! Ganda! Pa-model mo na, mommy! :)

  3. Joy H says:

    H&M clothing for kids are indeed nice and fashionable, i almost bought one but my daughter were still too young for their selection of clothing, so maybe when she like your daughter’s age, maybe she could. Your daughter surely love her H&M clothes!

  4. jheylo says:

    looks like daddy and little girl knows what fashion clothing is :D i love that dress too looks summery and springy :D

  5. Awww, Keisha… Why so cute? Hihi. I love your H&M outfit! Great picks! :)

  6. Dhemz says:

    awwwwwwww…what a cutie model for H&M dress….she is so adorable!

  7. rc gweniful says:

    i went crazy at H&M during our HK & singapore trips this year. I bought mostly shirts & shoes for my little girl and pants and polo for my son. Ako wala gaano. hehe

    Your daughter sure knows how to strut that dress… ;)

  8. peachy says:

    Keisha is becoming quite the fashionista!

  9. Your husband chose well. That lovely and colorful H&M dress looks good on Keisha!

  10. Ane says:

    I rarely give compliments when I don’t mean it, so please believe me when I say your daughter is such a cutie! :)

    Her daddy doesn’t have bad taste in clothes, nice colorful dress! :) It suits your daughter, she’s so freaking cute! :)

  11. Hyanne says:

    I love the color of her dress and she is so cute on her projections. Sometimes we really tend to forget something when are mind is pretty occupied.

  12. mommy peach says:

    And she could pose too!!

  13. your little girl is pretty as always. she loves to dress.

  14. Sumi Go says:

    Keisha looks super adorable! :D Your husband has good taste, sis! He knows what will look nice on your little angel ;)

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