Choosing Ceramic Tiles For Your Kitchen


I’ve been reading these ceramic guides for hours but I still can’t make a decision. My cousin is asking for my help, they are renovating their kitchen and can’t decide which tiles should they use.

 According to the guide, there are few things that need to be kept in mind are:

-Whether tile is impervious to water?

-Are these tiles are oil proof?

-Are tiles chosen for wall near burner is impervious to heat?

-Can your countertop bear weight, heat and oil?

If the answer of all these questions is YES, you are choosing perfect tile for kitchen. As your kitchen like any other kitchen bears heat, dirt and over use of oily substance, it requires proper surface to beat such abuses. As far as floor tile is concerned this has to be enough strong to withstand weight and over use. If floor tile is dirt proof the probability of dirt deposition really reduces to the far extent. This makes a real sense to have tile this especially in kitchen. Spending little more on such tile becomes worth when cleaning remains as no hassle.

Some points to consider when selecting your tiles

Durability – Kitchens tend to be high traffic areas and also have a lot of heavy appliances in them such as fridges and dishwashers. Some discount ceramic tile stores offer a rating system called PEI which indicates how hard wearing a tile is.

Colour – Choosing the colour of your tiles is definitely going be a personal decision. I do suggest that in addition to considering the colour of your kitchen units and appliances’ think about the overall impact of the colour you choose. For example dark colours can make a kitchen space look smaller.

Tile Size – The size of the tile you choose can also impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Remember that bigger tiles can be installed much more quickly as each tile covers more space. However smaller tiles tend to look better in a smaller kitchen.

Sometimes choosing tiles for kitchen turns out to be a very baffling task. But it might not be, if things are kept in mind. . A well planned idea can work efficiently if applied properly.



  1. Bless says:

    If we live in a warmer place I would love tiles for our kitchen floor. But we are in a colder place esp during winter, so a hardwood is my best choice.

  2. Ane says:

    These are definitely useful tips for when choosing a tile for the kitchen. I am a bit OC when it comes to the kitchen, and I think the tiles are a big part of the kitchen, I’d stay away from bright colors because they will look dirty when not cleaned properly. 😛

  3. LadySoda says:

    I feel you! I had the same dilemma in choosing the tiles for our restroom. It took me a while to go around just to get the color and design that I wanted. These are nice and helpful tips! Thanks! 🙂

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