Coin Collecting For Kids


Children love to try new things. Getting them interested in a coin collection is not very hard. Some may find a love of coins comes naturally if others in their family share the same interest. Like in my case, my dad used to have coin collection. It started when he got a 1979 silver dollar, then it became his hobby.

As for my daughter, she already starting collecting coins, not as a hobby, but for Disneyland. Yes, Keisha is already saving some coins for Disneyland. =D Anyway, I’m planning to help her start a coin collection. Coin collecting is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn. It will also encourage saving coins, learning about different coin denominations, and how to look for coins.

Encouraging the idea of coin collection for your child is just one of the many choices open to the discerning parent. By allowing your child to explore such a diverse hobby as this, you open the door to a world of possibilities. Coin collecting for kids is not only a great way to learn about money and the art of collecting, it is a great way to encourage kids to make something their own.



  1. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I am happy that my kids are not spender but they love to save their money. The coins are in their piggy banks. I am sure that Keisha will save a lot in no time for Disneyland 🙂

  2. Shela says:

    My son got a piggy bank started when he was 4, we taught him to save coins for his new toys so he knows how to earn the stuff he wanted by saving!

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