Dreaming Of Becoming A Musician Someday


I’m quite surprised when my daughter told me that she wants to be a musician. No wonder she got a Best In Music award when I enrolled her in a playschool last year.

I normally see her playing with her toy guitar, piano and microphone here at home.  And, believe me she acts like a pro whenever she strums the strings and starts to sing with matching her eyes half-closed making her audience (me) believe that she really feels the message of the song.

I hope someday she can play a real guitar, shop gibson sg standard, perhaps. Well, it’s part of my prayer that she’ll excel with the areas that I’m not really good at.


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  1. Gene says:

    I also dream of my daughter to be good in music, not just in academics of course. My husband and my brother are both musicians so I hope she will get a bit of their talent. Lyric offers summer classes, if you want to explore her musical talent. 🙂

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