Decorate Your Home With LED Light Bulbs


As a homemaker, decorating our home is one of our tasks. A comfortable, happy and conducive place  for shelter is what we aim to provide for our children. Home decoration does not only involve grand house furniture  and fixtures, expensive artworks from local and international artists, beautifully embellished figurines  and decors,  it encompasses all, most especially the lights we use in the different areas of our home – dining room, living room, kitchen, garage, garden, bed room and study room. For the different kinds of  lighting fixtures, you may check here.

Living Room Lighting

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Finding and choosing the perfect light bulb for a specific room is not an easy job since the different areas of the house have different lighting requirements. For example, the living room requires a lighting that will give a relaxing and cozy feel since this is where families bond, share stories and spend most of their time together. The kitchen’s lighting has to be functional and flexible at the same time since food is prepared and cooked here. The dining room’s fine ambiance can be achieved by an inviting chandelier that will welcome your guests to dine in. The bedroom also has its own requisites, the light has to be functional perfect for multiple uses. There are really numerous designs and styles of light bulbs available  in the market particularly in kichler. They have a wide range of lighting fixtures that will cater to what you exactly need and beautifully perfect to the type of house that you own, be it modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, etc.

With the growing number of light bulbs available in the market, it’s important that you have knowledge with the differences or similarities of which for better comparison. Aside from style, light bulbs have dissimilar lighting effects and performance. Your choice will largely depend on what you need. But, I suggest you choose the most efficient light bulb to save energy. According to wikipedia, LED or light-emitting diode is a semi-conductor light source. It is more efficient and longer lasting compared  to other kinds. Thus,  it is more practical to use since electricity consumption is lessened. This is the main reason why many families are now using LED light bulbs at home.






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  1. zoan says:

    our home needs a make-over but we cannot afford that now, maybe I can check out some light bulb to make it more happier and alive even though it is quite old.

  2. Rcel says:

    LED light bulbs are the kinds of bulbs that are worth using. For one, they’re energy-saving and therefore earth-friendly. I love that scene pictured above! So spic and span! 🙂

    • Maica Ocfemia-Figuracion says:

      Ms. Jessica, yes, LED lights are energy saving thus, you can save a lot in your monthly electric bill.

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