Dainty In Pink


Most mothers love to dress up their little girls in pink. While others, settle for other colors like yellow, red, etc. In my case, I’m one of those who’s totally and deeply in love with Barbie, Hello Kitty and Elle Woods of Legally Blonde. And, what’s common with these characters  is that they all dress up in pink. From my daughter’s own closet, to her clothes, shoes and bags, most of these are in different shades of pink.

Let me share with you one of my daughter’s pink ensembles.

Keisha Wears Periwinkle

She worn this when we’re looking for a similar tenor saxophone at Musicians friend in Eastwood Mall for her music class.

Keisha Wears Periwinkle

Posing like a model. =)

Keisha Wears Periwinkle

I love it when my daughter looks so dainty on her clothes. I hope she’ll never get tired wearing lady-like outfits like this.

Keisha’s outfit:

Dainty pink dress – Periwinkle

White Mary Janes Shoes – Dora

White Stockings: Burlington

Accessories: SLEDS


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