Television that will provide you with more space


Homes are growing in size, but people are still searching for space. While people may be enjoying larger living areas, they’re also surrounding themselves with more personal items. If you’re searching for space, then you may want to start by taking a look at the entertainment center. Here are a few alternatives for the television that will provide you with more space.

Up on the Wall
Eliminate the bulky entertainment center and move your TV to the wall. Mounting a television on the wall is an easy way to increase space in the room. Use a slim console table below it for the electronics, or mount them on sharp floating shelves that open up the room.

Moved to the Corner
Most living rooms have a dull corner that always needs dressing up. Make better use of that corner by putting the TV in it. If the corner is on the same wall as your living room windows, then you’ll also eliminate the glare on your screen from the window. It fills the space in the corner and creates more open space around the room. Corner TV stands at are available in countless styles and colors, so you can find one to suit any home.

When you are looking around for more space, start by streamlining the living room furniture and saying good-bye to the huge entertainment center. Electronics are growing smaller and thinner, so you can easily conserve space by making an investment in a better television stand.



  1. The Womom says:

    Great tips in saving spaces and in utilizing them. I have my tv mounted so it definitely saved me a lot of space. These are nice tips specially those with small living room areas.

  2. Olga says:

    We have a small apartment unit so I’m thankful that televisions now are much slimmer than the ones we grew up with. Ours is mounted on the wall to free up space.

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