#BeedaSiTatay This Father’s Day


This June 21, 2015, we will be celebrating Father’s Day. This is the perfect time to pay tribute and honor the one and only brave and endearing man in our life who’s with us from the moment we were conceived up to now. Our dads are said to be our real-life superheroes who give us utmost protection and at the same time shower us with unconditional and endless love. They are capable to move mountains and sacrifice their personal happiness just to give us comfortable life. And, I am just proud to say that I have this kind of ideal and superhero dad. Yes, my Papa is definitely the best! And, I always thank God for blessing me with a father like him.

Jollibee Father's Day The other day, I was browsing the net looking for a special gift to hand down to my dear Papa. Then, I chanced upon this viral Father’s Day video of Jollibee which I shared on my Facebook fan page. I smiled and almost cried while watching as this personifies the characteristics of my dad. Watch it here, and I’m sure you can all relate.

Like the “tatay” in the video, my dad went through a lot in his 54 years of existence. He married my mom when he was 23 and faced my super strict grandfather with a brave heart. It’s funny and embarrassing to share this one incident that happened before they get married, my dad was chased by my drunk grandfather in our neighborhood. All that he did was to run and rush home. Well, I guess he really loved my mom that’s why he still came back and married her. If he didn’t take the next move after that circumstance, I wouldn’t be here. Thank God he didn’t do the same thing to my husband! =)

Jollibee Father's DayWhen I was born, my father wasn’t here. He had to work abroad in Saudi Arabia as on OFW to give my mom and I a better life. Leaving us was a hard decision  and definitely a brave move from him most especially for someone who’s very much attached to his family. I actually don’t remember much except from the voice tapes he usually sent us and the tons of toys he’ll bring for me and my brother every time he comes home.

Another brave thing he did was when he decided to stay in the Philippines for good to be with us. He ventured into metal fabrication business though he had really little knowledge about it. With great diligence and  perseverance, he managed to  send me and my 3 siblings to private schools and gave us a better and complete home life.

Jollibee Father's Day When I got married, I didn’t really know how he felt. We are close as a family, we show our love thru actions but not thru words. But, I know deep in his heart, he was sad that I had to transfer into a new home and be away from them most especially that I’m the only girl. Maybe, letting me go was the bravest thing he had to deal with as a father. He had no choice but to entrust me and my welfare to another man –  my soon-to-be-husband.

Jollibee father's day Another thing in the Jollibee Father’s Day video that I can totally relate to was when Manila was badly hit by the Typhoon Ondoy. I was already married and 8 months pregnant when our house was submerged into chest-deep flood. My dad was my knight in shining armor who fearlessly tried his best to rescue me. He didn’t mind the flood and walked his way alone to reach our house.

Ondoy in Vista VerdeHow our neighborhood looked like when our country was hit by Typhoon Ondoy. The flood already subsided a bit when this photo was taken.

After all the years that passed, this is how my Papa looks like now. A little older but still very handsome. He’s actually conscious about his looks. He knows he’s aging that’s why he’s very diligent to put moisturizing cream on his face. Haha! Excuse my extra chubby face in this photo. =)
Jollibee Father's Day I am really grateful that I am blessed with a responsible and loving father who prioritizes and always makes time for his family, who doesn’t have vices, very responsible, hardworking, selfless and who loves us all dearly.

Jollibee Father's Day Thank you Papa for giving me and my brothers a happy childhood and happy family life! Thank you for genuinely loving Mama! No word will ever suffice how much love, respect and adoration I have for you. You are the world’s greatest and bravest dad! I love you!

This coming Sunday, June 21, let’s all celebrate the joy of fatherhood and pay tribute to the bravest men in our life. And, the best way to make them feel extra special this Father’s Day is to treat them to Jollibee. Dahil sa Jollibee #BeedaSiTatay! =)

To all those fathers around the world – tatay, itay, daddy, dad, papa, paps, etc., may you all
have a Jolly Father’s Day


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  1. Louise says:

    Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! We should really give attention to our fathers the same way we do for our mothers during Mother’s Day. They have sacrificed a lot too to give us a better life.

  2. Lisa Rios says:

    My hearty Father’s day wishes to all wonderful fathers. I love all these motivational lines and I like that wonderful quote from Rumi. I like to celebrate Father’s day for my husband as he is such a wonderful father for my kids, feeling very lucky to have him aside.

  3. Channel Imperial says:

    Wow! I was amazed to know that your father puts moisturizer on his face! Fathers seldom do that! I guess he knows the importance of moisturizers. He does look good for his age too! ^_^

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