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Hush Puppies The Body Shoe

Being a mom and a wife require qualities similar to those possessed by the athletes. You may wonder why, but hey! Moms, like me, need to be physically fit to meet the physical demands of going to and from every day – from dropping my daughter to school and picking her up and not to mention the errands I have to make in between such as going to the groceries or enduring the long line just to pay bills. Sometimes, I may need to meet up with my friends or clients, have a lunch date and God-knows-what-else-I-need-to-do things for just a single day.

Yes, my schedule is full-packed every day, and with this, most of the time, I have to say goodbye to my high heels to keep up with the “demands” of my daily routine. Good thing, I got this chic slip on from Hush Puppies, actually it’s called The Body Shoe. At first, I was hesitant if it can withstand my daily hectic schedule, but this Iva Azalea Maroon Crosshatch Nubuck proved its worth.

I was surprised that after a long day, my feet don’t hurt, as what I have been experiencing with my heels before. From that moment, I knew right there and then that this is the right footwear for me! It’s perfect! It can cope with my lifestyle without having to endure the pain that my heels have been giving me lately.

Hush Puppies’ Body Shoe footwear line focuses on sport-inspired style that’s designed to keep our feet move in style and in comfort – from walking to work to walking to the gym, I know I can rely on the Body Shoe collection’s range of styles to make me, especially my feet, survive the day. (more…)