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10 Fashion Tricks for a Standout Look in the Office

There are days when you know you’ve got your look on point. But admit it, there are some days when you wish your office had a uniform to make things easier in the morning and cut dressing time. So what do you do if your wardrobe and budget are limited and you want to look stylish and polished every day?

Robinsons Department Store offers some tips and hacks on how to look perfect for the workplace:

Invest in classic pieces and build on the basics: black trousers, crisp white shirts and a stylish cardigan. You can actually live on these but that wouldn’t be very exciting. Use these pieces and accentuate with something that is uniquely you, to create looks that reflect your taste and personality.

maricar-pr-2-2A well-cut jacket and a patterned pencil-cut skirt, both from Stella, are solid pieces that you can wear in different ways.

Choose figure-flattering pieces over baggy clothes.Loose-fitting might be comfortable but they don’t look professional. Fit is important. Tight clothes are also a no-no. Look for well-fitting clothes that enhance your figure and make you look like the young professional you are.

erich-pr-1-2Well-fitting clothes enhance your figure and make you look like the young professional you are. Liberté pants, skirts, tops and jackets are always on point in terms of style and fit.

Black, white and gray themed separates are perfect if you’re building your wardrobe. The styles are timeless but still on trend. You can get a black pencil skirt and a pair of pants and four tops from Liberté, and you’re all set.

maricar-pr-1-2You cannot go wrong with black and white, especially with this Stella ensemble. You can pair it with anything, from basic black pumps to the boldest accessories. (more…)

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