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#SMBeauty: Shop the World of Beauty All Year Round

Gone are the days when you need to resort to online shopping when you want to purchase high-end and imported beauty products or ask a relative abroad to snag the latest holy-grail product of your favorite beauty guru, as SM Beauty now has so much products from different parts of the globe for you to enjoy.

If you happen to visit SM Beauty, you’ll be ecstatic to see imported brands from different countries all over the world. Make-up junkies and beauty enthusiasts like me have a reason to rejoice as we have more products to choose from. It’s pure bliss when we can actually swatch the lipstick shade and check if it matches and complements correctly our complexion and test the most coveted-foundation so as to find out which will suit best our skin type and will not oxidize. And, we have the beauty gods to thank for bringing so much beauty on our land…

SM Beauty does not only supply the tools to make us feel pretty, it also provides guides on how to achieve the jetsetter aura. To those travelling who wish to cop the hottest looks this season, check this out: (more…)

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