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NIDO Mommy Carnival + Meet the New NIDO Protectus 3+

Few weeks ago, Keisha and I attended the NIDO Mommy Carnival event held at the Century City Mall. A couple of interactive activities and sweet treats were prepared both for moms and kids. Aside from these, NIDO also launched the new and improved NIDO 3+ which is now known as NIDO PROTECTUS 3+. I know you are aware that I’m an advocate of Nido’s #CheckTheLabel campaign and even shared my thoughts about it HERE. So, it was such a joy to be part of this launch and know more about the improvement they’ve made with Keisha’s favorite milk drink.

nido-mommy-carnival-11Upon entrance, we were greeted by this huge green and yellow arc mimicking the real look of a carnival with the name Nestle NIDO Protectus 3+ Mommy Carnival.

nido-mommy-carnival-1We were handed a passport which entitled us to claim  popcorn, cotton candy and marshmallow.

nido-mommy-carnivalHere’s Keisha who’s so excited to lure over the sweet treats in-store for her.

nido-mommy-carnival-2Popcorns and marshmallows for my #LakingAmazing kid.

nido-mommy-carnival-6Happy with her cotton candy.

nido-mommy-carnival-4It’s not only Keisha who had so much fun as I also had my own challenging yet happy moments when I tried the three activities – Wire Game, Shoot that Pong and Ring Toss. Of course, my competitive side badly wanted to win and take home prizes. (more…)

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