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Pure Marula Oil: Empowering Women

Have you read my REVIEW about Pure Marula Oil?

Just like most empowered women, I’m also currently loving Pure Marula Oil. It is the only doctor-endorsed and scientifically proven all-natural beauty oil. Marula Pure Beauty Oil is the ultimate age-defying beauty oil made from 99% pure marula oil   with 1% blend of natural essential oils for a light, natural scent. It is completely free of preservatives, synthetics and parabens. With 60% higher antioxidant level than argan oil, it is more powerful in fighting free radicals that cause pre-mature skin aging. It also has an amazingly high content of omega-9 fatty acids that provide superior moisturizing and skin softening benefits without the greasy look and after-feel.

Marula_treesPacked with healing and reparative ingredients, Marula Pure Beauty Oil not only helps replenish skin moisture but is also ideal for medical use. It contains anti-microbial properties and a unique mineral composition that penetrates quickly into the skin and locks in hydration to sooth redness, swelling and irritation. (more…)