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SvelTi’s Revlite Treatment: Say Goodbye to Acne and Aging, and Hello to Skin Rejuvenation

Rejuvenated, glowing skin that emphasizes your youthfulness is a result of a holistic treatment that takes into account not just one particular skin condition that you want removed, but the overall appearance and well-being of your skin and face.  This is why the doctors clinical specialists at the SvelTi Health and Beauty Center take time to evaluate your overall skin tone, its softness or bruising, and any skin discoloration.  It’s not a matter of simply locating a particular bothersome condition like acne or fine lines and removing them.

revlite 2

“Rejuvenation comes when you restore the health not just of the affected skin part, like reducing a fine line,” says Dra. Lalaine Salazar, SvelT’i’s Medical Director.  “It is achieved when you do treat that condition but likewise see to it that that skin area is healed and treated.  Then you even it out with the rest of the surrounding areas.  The skin tone becomes consistent, and all the concerned areas do glow.  The patient’s face, for example, literally shines and starts to look young.”

The men and women who regularly troop to the Timog-based center usually wrestle with the onset of aging.   Wrinkles and fine lines that crease the face tend to add more years to their appearance and can affect their confidence.  The younger set, like teenagers, also have to deal with issues of self-image once acne sets in.  (more…)