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Truth About Lice: How to Treat and Prevent the Spread of Head Lice

It’s quite evident that my daughter and I really love our long hair. I always see to it that it’s soft and shiny – in short, I always make sure that I use the best hair care products to make it as healthy as it can be, after all, it is said that our hair is our crowning glory.

kaye-and-keishaOn the other hand, no matter how hard we try to take good care of our hair and keep it as clean and healthy as possible, there will still be times when our crowning glory can be infested with lice. Yes, you read it right, anyone can be infested with lice, anytime, anywhere, and no one is exempted. Age is not even an issue, whether you are young or old, you can be infested! Personally, I thought that only children with poor hygiene can get lice but I came to know that even adults with good hygiene can be infested too!

licealiz_key_visualLicealiz launches Kilusang Kontra Kuto for Head Lice Awareness Month

Since September is declared as the Head Lice Prevention Month, I got the chance to learn more facts about lice when Licealiz, a product of Lamoiyan Corporation, launched the Kilusang Kontra Kuto drive. It aims to disseminate information on head lice and how it can spread as wildfire, as well as, treat and get rid of them effectively. Their target is to visit various communities and public schools and spread awareness to students/pupils, their teachers, together with their parents.  The Kilusang Kontra Kuto is spearheaded by Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz head lice treatment shampoo, in partnership with the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) and supported by the UP Manila College of Public Health.


licealiz-eventWe visited Bagong Nayon 1 Elementary School in Antipolo last September 8, 2016 for the Licealiz Nationwide Oplan Alis Kuto campaign. We listened to the talk of the activations ambassador, Dr. Maria Michelle Vita, who travels with the Licealiz team nationwide to help spread awareness to the parents of public school students on how to prevent and treat head lice. As she reiterated, “Kuto is a public health problem that can be solved with the help of everyone from the community.”

As a mother, I was likewise interested on how lice can spread from one’s head to another, how fast it can multiply in number, its lifespan, and of course, how to prevent and get rid of them effectively. All these information are valuable so I can make sure that my daughter and I will not be infested with lice.

licealiz-event-5Here are the important facts I’ve learned about head lice: