Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness Festival

Robinsons Supermarket Health and Wellness Section

I Love Wellness! Yes, I am one of those aiming to  live a healthier life. I’m proud that my husband and I don’t have vices  but, healthy living encompasses not only living a life free of vices (smoking, drinking too much alcohol, taking illegal drugs, etc.) but more on eating balanced diet, having enough time of sleep, regular […]

How To Start A Healthy Eating Habit

My Eat Well Live Well Plate.jpg

Nowadays, people are more conscious not only about their look but with their health as well. They are updated on ways on how they can loose weight whether naturally or thru the help of science, how to be fit and live a healthy, longer and productive life. As we all know, a healthy body starts […]

Zen Institute’s Colonics Program: Key To Better Health And Fit Body

zen institute colonics

Through the years the modern medicine has come a long way that it has developed and found many great innovations that can help us aid our health and beauty woes. Over the last decade, a lot of us were clueless about the functions of colon and what it does to the body. The colon is an […]

Feeling Better

Medical City

Hello everyone! Forgive me for the lack of blog posts the past few days as I’ve been recuperating from my bad case of fever and flu that hit me when we visited my husband’s relatives in Rizal, Laguna last Saturday. My previous entry about Sarah Geronimo’s latest album, Expressions, was drafted a week ago and […]

A Visit To The Dentist

Keisha's new pediatric dentist

Last month, I scheduled my daughter, Keisha, for a visit to her new pediatric dentist. I transferred her to a different one since her first dentist’s clinic was far from our place. Compared to her last dental appointment, my daughter was now braver. She didn’t cry and she responded very well with the questions thrown […]