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My Grocery Shopping Experience at Landers Superstore

kaye-at-landers-superstoreGrocery shopping is one of my family’s favorite bonding moments. We find happiness and excitement in buying food items and home products together, most especially when we discover new stuff and take advantage of amazing deals. Since, we always tag along our daughter in our shopping escapades, I make sure that she’ll have a blissful experience. Hence, we bring her to stores that’s spacious enough and not too crowded. That’s why I got overly excited when I received an invite to visit Landers Superstore (OTIS Branch) located at Mendoza Guazon St., Paco, Manila. Prior to this, I have been reading and hearing great reviews about their first branch here in the Philippines situated in Balintawak, Quezon City.

Let me share with you my notable grocery shopping experience at Landers Superstore OTIS branch


HUGE Parking Space

First things I noticed is that it has a huge parking space. If you’re not blessed with great parking skills, fret not, because Landers got you covered with its spacious parking lot that can surely accommodate numerous vehicles. I wasn’t able to take photo, but I’ll update this the soonest, once I visit them again.


landers-superstore-shopping-experience-2Upon entrance, I was overwhelmed with the over-all ambiance. The interiors and design are well-curated, not to mention that it has good lighting and ventilation for a relaxed and convenient shopping experience. It has spacious dining area, coffee shop, and bakeshop which kinda reminded me of my IKEA experience in SG. And, since, I badly wanted to shop right away, I proceeded on the membership counter to sign up and get my card. Like other membership stores, you need to present a valid ID, sign the membership form, have your photo taken and pay the required amount for membership.

For premium or personal membership application, you have to present 2 valid IDs. For business membership application, you have to present 2 valid IDs plus your business registration or business permit.

Premium membership fee is P800.00 while business membership is P1,000.00. For an extension card, it will cost you P400.00. Premium memberships may avail 1 extension card and business memberships may avail 4 extension cards. All memberships are valid for 12 months, and maybe renewed with same fee. The membership card will be honored in all Landers Superstore branches. They currently have a promo offering 20% discount on all membership fees. But, I still have to check on this if this still applies now.

The shopping experience

landers-superstore-shopping-experienceYou might be wondering what sets Landers Superstore apart from other grocery shopping destinations in the metro. Landers Superstore prides itself in offering only top-notch products. I’m amazed that they have wide assortment of imported goods from US, Canada and Australia to high-quality local and exclusive brands. Here you have a lot of options to choose from.

landers-superstore-shopping-experience-7 (more…)

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