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Toblerone Snow Top and #MakeSomeonesDay Toblerone Contest

When I received an invitation to attend an EPIC SNOW PARTY at Imperial Ice Bar, The Fort, I jumped in excitement since it’s my ultimate dream to experience snow, so even though, it’s set at night time, I didn’t let it pass. I sweetly convinced my husband to allow me and fortunately, he agreed provided that he and my daughter will stay at a nearby restaurant to wait for me. Of course, I know there won’t be real snow, but just the thought of “snow party” made me all giddy and enthusiastic to be there. Aside from the snow, it’s a Toblerone event so I really can’t miss it. I’m a Toblerone baby then, now and forever! And, I think I’m passing it on to my little girl.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice BarCan I pass as a snow queen?

So let me take you to that epic and memorable night of my life. Just to be clear, back then when I was still single, I was never a party girl. My parents were strict actually, up to now, they still sometimes meddle with my whereabouts so I don’t really have memories of parties and night outs. Please forgive me if I will be raving about this party too much! =)

Toblerone Snow Top event

At the entrance point of Imperial Ice Bar, I saw cameras and media men interviewing Laureen Uy, famous and top fashion blogger in the Philippines. By then, I knew that she’s the ambassadress of Toblerone’s newest offering named SnowTop. I’ll tell more about this product later.