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LUX Soft Touch Body Wash Review + Instagram Contest

Choosing the right body skincare essentials can be complicated and confusing with so many options available in the market. What I usually do is to try different products from time-to-time even though, I have my all-time fave trusted brands. Trying something new with great reviews won’t hurt, right? Who knows, your curiosity might lead you to your soon-to-be HG product. This was how I encountered my first bottle of LUX Body Wash.

LUX Soft Touch Body Wash Review

My curiosity was piqued when I received a package from Lux containing body washes and soaps months ago. Out of the four variants, what I really liked is the LUX Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash, the pink one.

LUX Soft Touch 1

LUX Soft Touch Body Wash Review

For someone with a very sensitive sense of smell, I’m totally impressed with its soft floral scent that I could sniff it all day. It is housed in a sturdy easy open flip bottle which comes handy even when you’re traveling. A light fragrance of roses comes off once you open the flip bottle. I swear, its mild scent is so addicting. LUX Soft Touch Body Wash is infused with moisturizing SilkEssence and French Rose that leave you with silky soft and delicately scented skin. (more…)

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