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Switch to Save With ORBIK The Light Experts

Orbik Light

ORBIK The Light Experts

Light is very important in our daily lives whether it’s a natural light or artificial light as it eliminates darkness to help us see better, brightens our home/workplace, serves as time, and guides us throughout the day. It also affects the mood of each individual. Don’t you feel when you’re in a place with a poor lighting, you feel more anxious and dull but when you’re in a well-lit place, you feel more lively, safe and secure?

When decorating a house, people usually tend to forget the importance of lighting. This is the most common misconception. No matter how expensive your furniture or decorations, without proper lighting it won’t look perfect. Every aspect should complement each other in order to bring out that captivating look of your space. Remember that, lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and ambience of each room so getting it right from the start is a must.

Orbik The Light Experts Living RoomEach room requires different types of light depending on its style and purpose, and it can make or break the functional and aesthetic design of it. Make sure that you carefully planned for it so that you can you get what really fits for your space. Hiring a lighting specialist is also an option to make it easier for you.

Orbik The Light Experts 1Picking a light bulb for your home can be difficult and confusing given the sheer number of options to choose from. It’s always important to take into consideration how big and the function of the space, this is to ensure that you buy a bulb that has a wattage fit to its function. To get the right amount of illumination/light specific for its function, look at the lumens, not the wattage.

With the frequent rise of electricity charge, many people are now looking for ways to cut down their monthly bills one of which is by switching to LED bulbs. The price is a little bit higher than the regular bulbs but these bulbs are proven to be energy efficient and will last longer.

Orbik The Light Experts 2Your room can be transformed in the switch of a single light bulb. But with low-quality bulbs, you’ll find yourself more hassled than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it! This is where LED makes a difference.

Recently, I was able to attend the media launch of #Orbiklightexperts held at Cafe Naya. The place was absolutely stunning. Filled with splendid LED lights from Orbik designed by the renowned interior designer, Cyndi Fernandez.

Orbik The Light Experts Cyndi FernandezI switched to LED bulbs a little over two years ago, and there’s no doubt that it reduced our electricity bills. To those who are planning to switch, make sure to avail only an authorized seller because there are a lot fake LED bulbs out there which tend to overheat. (more…)

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