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All-New Pampers Baby Dry: The Best and Driest in 10 Years + Pampers FirstBook

The World’s #1 diaper brand, Pampers, announced the launch of its BEST and DRIEST in 10 years, all-new Pampers® Baby Dry, in the Philippines.
Pampers5All-New Pampers® Baby Dry provides delivers up to 12 hours of skin dryness, so baby gets the complete sleep he needs for a morning full of precious firsts moments and healthy development. New Pampers® Baby Dry now also has STRETCHY TAPES that adapt to the baby’s shape and movements, still with Magic Gel that locks in wetness better than other diapers. Because when baby sleeps better, baby wakes up happier, brighter and ready to achieve more precious firsts.
Pampers3Studies have shown that babies who sleep better are happier and more sociable in the mornings. They also appear more positive about interacting and concentrating, and are more alert, playful and friendly with those around them. These moments are important for baby’s social and cognitive development as well as providing an ideal bonding time for babies and moms. While there are several factors which may affect a baby’s sleep, wetness and hunger have been suggested as the two most common reasons for baby waking up at night.

PampersMs. Andi Manzano

“Research suggests that helping to keep babies dry during sleep is one factor which may minimise disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation or temperature alterations,” said partner pediatrician Dr. Apple Alfonso. “Dryness is therefore important because it will help ensure that babies’ skin is kept at a constant, appropriate temperature and free from irritation,” she explained. (more…)

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