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Holiday Health Tips to Keep Kids Healthy While Enjoying the Christmas Season

Christmas season is fast approaching. For kids, this Yuletide season means parties, fun games, visiting relatives and of course, gifts! This is the time of the year that kids, and even the kids at heart, enjoy so much because parties are everywhere – in school, office, get-together with friends and the likes.

christmas-i-s-coming-mobogenie-comFor my daughter Keisha, she is always excited of Christmas season because she gets to visit her friends and cousins, spends time and plays longer with them. Also, she is excited of this season because she gets to receive a lot of gifts and eat a lot of food, too!

keisha-with-giftsChristmas is also the time when my little family squeeze in a holiday travel/adventure where we get to spend quality time and create happy memories together. One of the best vacations we had that I treasure on my memory bank was the moment we visited Hongkong Disneyland two weeks before Christmas. Although, this was our third time to be in Hongkong what made this trip extra special was the fact that we get to explore the city on our own. In our previous trips, we were accompanied by my husband’s relatives.

team-figuracion-in-hongkong-4Team Figuracion in Hongkong Disneyland

team-figuracion-in-hongkongTeam Figuracion reunited with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

team-figuracion-in-hongkong-3Team Figuracion in Ocean Park

Aside from the happiness and excitement the Christmas season brings, this is also the time when people, specially the kids, easily catch colds and flu due to cold weather, attending parties and eating unhealthy foods. Well, as a mother, I am aware that eating too much of unhealthy food may pose harm to Keisha’s over all health, but I also know that as a kid, she wants to enjoy the season by munching on chips and chocolates, among others, as well as, skipping meals at times because she was too busy playing with other kids. Even so, I don’t want to spoil the fun for her, so instead, I do the following: (more…)

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