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Rainy Day Activities For Kids

With the kind of erratic weather that we experience these days, it’s a must for us moms to have options on how to execute our daily plans. While our week is packed with unending to-do lists and since our 24/7 is mostly consumed by mommy duties (taking care of the kids, feeding them nutritious meals, keeping them entertained), we normally rely on our free time (when the kids are at school) to complete all unfinished task.


With the few hours they are in school, we then have our own spare time to recharge and think of new ideas on how to entertain them, especially on gloomy and rainy days when the sun isn’t up and playing outside is not possible.

When classes are suspended due to thunderstorms or heavy rainfalls, kids tend to get bored because they know they’re locked up inside the four corners of their homes. And of course we don’t want that. If anything, we want our kids to continue making the most of their childhood regardless of the weather. Even when it’s raining hard outside, the fun doesn’t have to stop for our kids as they can still enjoy and explore new things at the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s a round-up of 5 rainy day activities that kids can do at home to keep them entertained:

  1. Art Attack
    rainy-day-activities-for-kidsDevelop your kid’s creativity and imagination, let him unleash his artsy potential by doing some art activities at home like painting, coloring, sketching, and drawing. Give him a topic and let him draw to visualize his interpretation of the said topic. You can also let him draw/color/sketch/paint freely.Compile his artwork so you can both track his progress.2. Cook Pancakes
    rainy-day-activities-for-kids-1The concept of cooking gives kids a grown-up feeling. They are mostly delighted to perform adult roles. For your quality bonding time, teach them how to cook pancakes. Let them prepare the ingredients first and educate them on the basics of cooking. Though, I don’t really suggest a hands-on cooking for them to experience most especially when they are still young for safety purposes. I highly recommend moms to do the cooking part, then let the kids design and garnish the pancake. Make sure you have maple or chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows, sliced banana, and chocolate sprinkles to add more fun. This is truly one for the books that your kids will love.

    3. Play board games and building blocks
    rainy-day-activities-for-kids-2Board games and building blocks were a hit during my childhood years and were still up to now. Let them discover the joy that board games bring by playing Snakes & Ladders, Millionaire’s Game, Monopoly, and Chess. They may also play Uno Stacko, Jenga, Word Factory and Scrabble with their friends. I’m quite sure that they will not only enjoy but their brain activity will be exercised as well.

    4. Play dress-up
    rainy-day-activities-for-kids-4When you have a little girl, let her play dress-up at home. Give her the freedom to mix and match her clothes. You may opt to let her rummage your closet as well for more diverse selection. Afterwards, ask her to walk like a queen in her make-believe fashion show. Little boys can join in this activity as well and wear daddy’s neck tie for a more polished look.

    5. Reading is fun
    keisha-reading-a-book-14-2016Let your kids discover the joy in learning new things through reading. It’s best if you’ll read together or with her playmate so they can share ideas on what the story is about. They can also opt to imagine what will happen next on the story as well as to the characters.


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