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5 Reasons Why Moms And Babies Love Huggies Dry Pants

My daughter had wonderful nappy years. She’s a happy baby and enjoyed most of her time crawling, playing, eating, drinking milk and all the usual things toddlers do. I must say that she had comfortable baby-toddler years not only because of the effort we all exerted to give her the best but also because of the amazing baby products I used for her. Glad that at the onset, I found the perfect match for Keisha’s diaper needs. So even though, she’s so active, we never had leakage problem.

Since, I was a new mother back then, I read in most books that babies are much irritated when they are uncomfortable with their diapers most especially when they feel wet. So I set parameters on the diaper that I will use for Keisha. The diaper needs to have a breathable cover, with leakage protection and should not cause diaper rash.

And, so I found all these qualities in Huggies. At first, I used the regular one with a  tape on both sides. And as soon as she started to be more active – sitting, crawling, playing, walking, I shifted to Huggies Pull-Ups Pants. With the Pull-Ups Pants, diaper changing was easier for me and more convenient to use.

Here are her baby photos… Yes, that’s a Huggies diaper on her head! Haha! She’s pretending to be a chef. =)

Keisha Wears Huggies Diaper

Keisha is  a happy baby because she’s a HUGGIES BABY!

Keisha Huggies Baby
That’s why when I received a pack of Huggies diapers at home, I was transported to the time when I used this product for my daughter. She worn nappies until she was 2 1/2 years old. I noticed that it is now called Huggies Dry Pants. I guess this is a more improved version of what we used before.

Huggies Dry Pants
On the other hand, the little girl was so excited to open the box. Since she already knows how to read, she loudly recited the note – “Open up to discover a better diaper experience for your baby!” and opened it right away. (more…)