The Day Keisha Met Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla in Crystal Bus

Few weeks ago, I received a call from my mother-in-law. With an excited and giddy voice, she  instructed me to proceed to our garage with Keisha and happily informed me that Daniel Padilla will be riding our tourist bus for one of the episodes of Got To Believe. I jumped out of joy knowing that […]

Product Review: Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream


While there are moms who are spared of not developing stretch marks during pregnancy, there are also those who are not blessed with elastic skin and earned their “battle scars” or “tiger stripes” while conceiving. Some are proud to have these since those marks stand as their badge of honor for carrying a cutie little […]

What Are The Qualities To Consider When Hiring A Yaya?

Wanted: Dream Nanny

Hiring a yaya or nanny is a hard task for parents as she should possess good characteristics that may contribute positively to the holistic development of the child. Looking for the right person who will fit our description of what a good nanny is and who will be there for our child until his/her teen […]

New Year’s Resolutions of A Work At Home Mom


The New Year indicates a fresh start, a new chapter of our life, a new beginning. This is also the moment to reflect and look back on the memoirs of the past year and a chance to do better and correct the mistakes we’ve done. To start the year right, we make guidelines and list […]

Keisha’s Christmas Wishlist


They say Christmas is meant for the kids and the kids-at-heart (ahem!). That’s why it’s part of the Filipino tradition to give gifts to kids most especially to their godchildren during this time. Back then, I always look forward to Christmas day because of the gifts that I will receive from my relatives and godparents […]