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Making the Best Decisions for My Daughter

As a first time mom, it is very hard to get the hang of doing all things on my own. Deciding on several things concerning my daughter’s welfare is definitely not a walk in the park as I’m very cautious not to commit mistakes that will have negative impact on her well-being. Like all moms, I want to give my daughter the best. I want to give her the life that she deserves. But how can I do that when I’m not that knowledgeable and uncertain at times when it comes to child-rearing?

Here’s my take on how I make the best decisions for my daughter, Keisha…

Making The Best Decions For My Daughter On my first year of being a mom, I relied on the advices and guidance of two important women in my life who have “been there, done that” – my mom and mother-in-law. I also welcomed tips from other moms whom I personally trust.

When my daughter started eating solid foods, I asked for tips from other experienced moms regarding what nutritious meals to serve, as well as what I can do to encourage my child to eat more fruits and vegetables (especially vegetables!). I also sought their opinion, and the opinion of my pediatrician, on what they think is the right milk to give my daughter when she turned 3 years old.

I also asked other moms who were more experience than me about how to properly raise my child, how to be a good and responsible parent, what is the correct way to impose discipline, what educational toys I can buy, and the like.

Although asking help from other experienced moms is very helpful for first-time moms like me, sometimes, it is also a disadvantage as all the varying advises, guidance and tips can become confusing.

DSCF7424Yes, I became confused and it just made me less confident and unsure about making important decisions for my daughter. For example, there were times that I wanted to impose discipline on her at a young age, but I thought of what other moms told me: that children her age really behave like that and that it is nothing but normal. So it made me confused as to what I should do whenever my daughter is throwing a tantrum. The same goes when I go to the grocery to buy items for Keisha.

Making The Best Decions For My Daughter

Speaking of grocery shopping, what made me more confident in choosing which product to buy, aside from remembering the suggestions of other moms, I made it a habit to always check the label of each item. This is one practice that made me a better and “sure” mom. When you buy a certain product, check the packaging and there you can see detailed list of the ingredients, preparation guidelines, plus the expiration date.

However, take note that checking the label doesn’t just include grocery items. When I say “checking the label”, I mean doing a background check on everything that is related to me as mom/parent, concerning my daughter’s welfare. I do researches on certain products and check out online reviews to make sure that a certain product (or service) is well trusted.  In addition, I read the synopsis of particular movies and TV shows before I allow Keisha to watch them. I also read through the details found in the soap boxes, shampoo bottles, etc. to make sure that they do not contain anything harmful to my daughter.


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