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There is definitely nothing wrong with having an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), especially when it comes to being a mom. Again, as I always emphasize, we always want nothing but the best for our children. As for me, and I know for all the mothers out there, too, I want my daughter, Keisha, to be in good shape at all times. This is where being a sort of OC helps me in keeping my baby reach her optimum potential by making sure that she is always in good health.

Biogenic Playtime Discoveries 10Speaking of good health, Keisha and I had the chance to attend My Biogenic World: Playtime Discoveries at Market! Market!, BGC. The event setting was like a huge play area for kids with different stations where they can play games while mommies, on the other hand, can listen to the talks made on stage by experienced moms who generously shared their tried-and-tested tips on how they care for their kids and still manage to have their own me-time.

1 Biogenic Playtime DiscoveriesI chose to sit down and listen to Ms. Nikki Tiu’s talk. She’s a beauty and lifestyle blogger, HR Consultant, professional make-up artist and a hands-on mom rolled into one. Aside from all these, she’s also one of the brand ambassadors of Biogenic Alcohol, hence, called Biogenic Mom. I used to see her on events that I attend and truly, I admire her for the person that she is – a fulfilled career woman plus a very loving and hands-on mother to her son, Kyle.

Her talk was entitled “How to Bond with Kids (Guide for Busy Moms).  She shared to us, that no matter how busy we are, we should find time to have bonding activities with our kids.
Biogenic Playtime Discoveries 2Here are some of the tips she shared on how to spend quality bonding time together with our kids that are very applicable to me and Keisha:

  • Start by having a clean home –this is where everything begins
  • Keep the environment clean before any bonding activity
  • Have an alcohol ready on-hand so you can sanitize between bonding activities.
  • Bond with them with 100% attention- remember this is bonding time, so put away phones and other gadgets so we can give our 100% attention to them
  • Listen to them, watch them closely, be silly!
  • Have a special date with your kid.
  • Create a special language or family song.
  • If you’re super busy, seek help – you may ask the help or your husband, the grandparents and yayas – they are more than willing to
  • lend you a hand

Biogenic Playtime Discoveries 1I must admit, having a quality bonding time with my daughter has been one of my concerns as a mother because just like Nikki, I also play different roles. Though, I manage to run our business from our home and oversee the activities of my daughter, still my job takes much of my time and attention. It’s really a struggle to have that quality time with her. Work-at-home moms will surely understand what I mean. But, thru this talk, I’ll try my very best to follow Nikki’s tips for the sake of my daughter.

Biogenic Playtime Discoveries 3During her talk, she highlighted that safeguarding the health of our children, and ours, too, during bonding time does need to be expensive, thus she recommended using Biogenic alcohol – that we must have it ready all the time so we can disinfect the kids’ toys if needed, as well as, disinfect our hands, too! We all know that hands are the best ways to spread diseases, so it is very important to disinfect them with Biogenic alcohol from time to time.

Biogenic Alcohol 1While my ears were glued to Nikki’s advises and recommendations, Keisha on the other hand, was pre-occupied with all the activities surrounding the venue. Good thing, there’s a bottle of Biogenic alcohol in each station so I was relieved from my worry that Keisha may catch a bacteria or virus from the toys in the play area.

Biogenic Playtime Discoveries 7Build and Play Area

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