Product Review: Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream


While there are moms who are spared of not developing stretch marks during pregnancy, there are also those who are not blessed with elastic skin and earned their “battle scars” or “tiger stripes” while conceiving. Some are proud to have these since those marks stand as their badge of honor for carrying a cutie little […]

C-Section Recovery

one day after giving birth

After my cesarean operation, I was brought inside the recovery room. Though, I was groggy, I was still aware with the movements around me. I was just talking, asking the nurse if my baby is okay and how long will it take before I can move into my room because I really wanted to see […]

Cesarean Section Delivery


It was on the 24th of October, 2009 when I fully witnessed and experienced the miracle of life. The long wait was over. After nine months of carrying, nurturing and loving the baby inside my womb and intimately praying for her normal and healthy well-being, my baby Keisha was safely born despite of her umbilical […]

Preparation Before Giving Birth

The Medical City, Ortigas

Even though one year and three months had passed, every single detail of “my first-time mom experience” was still fresh and clear. I was only scheduled for my check-up, since it was my 9th month, I was asked to have regular visits to my OB twice a week. Internal examination had been conducted but my […]

What Is Transverse Lie?


In my 8th month of pregnancy, I was told by my ob that the baby inside my womb was in transverse lie position. The immediate question that popped-up in my mind was “what is transverse lie?” Well, obviously, I knew that time that something was wrong. Though, not that seriously wrong but I knew that […]