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Guide To KidZania Manila: What To Expect Plus List Of Activities For Kids

Kai! The long wait is over, the land of cool kids, KidZania Manila, will officially open its doors to the public on August 7, 2015, (Friday) at Park Triangle in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I know most of you – moms, dads, kids and kids-at-heart are all excited to hear this very great news. Brace yourselves as I tour you to enter this one-of-a-kind edutainment play city where kids rule.

Where kids do big thingsI was privileged to be invited at KidZania Manila’s Press Preview yesterday. Check the hashtag #KZMnlPreview on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for photos and updates. I truly regret that I didn’t bring my daughter along with me, Keisha had 2 scheduled tests in school that’s why I didn’t excuse her in class. Anyhow, I’ll make sure to bring her here this August together with my husband. They have to see and experience the KidZania mania by themselves to personally attest how beautiful and endearing this city is.

KidZania Manila Opening

What Is KidZania? (Kid-Zaah-Nyaa)
KidZania is  a play city built to scale for children 4 to 14 years of age. It’s a place where kids can experience realistic role play – choose a job, earn and save money and simply just have fun while learning. With over 100 roles to choose from supported by real world brands, kids get to explore the adult world in a real community setting and experience it in a safe and independent environment. Every detail is intended to project authenticity; from the activity itself, to uniforms and costumes, to the work gear and tools and even the city interiors. The city is complete with paved streets, transport system, and a functioning economy. Hence, KidZania is one of the fastest growing global educational entertainment brands, with facilities all over the globe from Mexico to Tokyo to London.

At KidZania, kids are empowered to exercise these rights:

  • to share
  • to care
  • to know
  • to play
  • to create
  • to be

KidZania Manila Press Preview
KidZania Manila is the 20th KidZania city in the world, and the first of its kind in the Philippines. The press preview was held last July 29, 2015 hosted by the award winning newscaster, Ms. Karen Davila. The guests were officially welcomed by KidZania Philippines State Governor, Ms. Maricel Arenas.

KidZania Philippines State Governor, Ms. Maricel Arenas” We can’t wait for Filipino children to finally enjoy the unique role-play experience that KidZania Manila offers. Play at KidZania will spark dreams and imagination – empowering them to believe that they can make a better world. ” — Ms. Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas

Mr. Xavier Lopez Ancona, KidZania Founder and CEOAn audio visual presentation featuring the history of KidZania and a glimpse of the other KidZania communities in other countries around the world were  showcased. Shortly, Mr. Xavier Lopez Ancona, KidZania Founder and CEO, shared the vision of KidZania which is to ignite the hearts and minds of kids everywhere by empowering them to make the world a better place.

KidZania Manila Checking-In
KidZania International Airport - ManilaTo enter the facility, you will be checking-in at KidZania International Airport via Cebu Pacific Air, the official airline partner of KidZania in the Philippines. Friendly Zupervisors will greet you with “Kai” which means “Hi” and will assist you. You have to fall in line, check-in your luggage and get your boarding pass just like the real thing.

KidZania International Airport Kids will be given a boarding pass, a guide map, KidZania City Codes booklet, food voucher, BPI check worth 50 kidZos (the currency inside KidZania) which they can encash in the bank and an RFID (radio frequency identification) security bracelet. Each child will be matched with a corresponding adult who will also wear an RFID security bracelet. Only the registered adult with the matching bracelet will be allowed to pick-up the child for safety measures.

Welcome to KidZania World
KidZania ManilaMeet the KidZania RightZkeepers

KidZania ManilaKidZania Manila Central Plaza

KidZania ManilaCheck out how beautiful KidZania Manila is. It’s indeed a real-life city with restaurants, hotel, salon, fire station, police station, hospital, university, etc., designed for kids with well-defined interiors complete with transportation system, well-lit and spacious streets and even incorporated trees. The sky blue ceiling depicting the clouds reminded me of our family travel at The Venetian in Macau. KidZania Manila makes sure to give children a kid-centric experience where they are the one in charge.

What To Do / Activities For Kids
There are over 100 immersive role-play activities for the kids to choose from where they can play with their imagination and be the person they want to be when they grow up. (NOTE: Parents are not allowed to play inside the business establishments. We were only allowed since this was a PRESS preview.)

KidZania Manila BPIBe a banker or a client at BPI KidZania Manila branch

Tip # 1: I highly recommend for the kids to proceed first to the bank – BPI, open an account and acquire an ATM card. They may encash the check given to them upon check-in. Currency in KidZania is called kidZos. They have the liberty to spend or save their money just like in real life. I suggest they focus on working first to earn wages. The more they work, the more they earn. They can opt to spend it for training and for leisure. At the end of their visit, they may use their kidZos to purchase souvenir items or deposit it to theirr ATM account and redeem it on heir next visit.

KidZania ManilaTip # 2: Proceed to KidZanian PaZZport Office. Apply for B. KidZanian Citizenship and enjoy more benefits. When you participate in activities and training a unique stamp will be given. Collect 6 stamps to obtain your B. KidZanian Citizenship. Kids will receive an official PaZZport with a special hologram sticker. Continue earning stamps and you’ll gain access to more benefits.

 KidZania Tour BusKidZania Manila is a huge play place with 8,000 sqaure meters. Take hold of the Tour Bus, ride and relax as you see the sights of KidZania Manila. This bus stops at popular spots of activities along the KidZania Manila’s main roadway.

Tip # 3: KidZania Manila is big. Expect that you’ll do a lot of walking even up and down the ground and mezzanine floors, make sure you and your kids wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Make sure to wear decent clothing as they exercise a dress code policy which can be found on their website.

KidZania Mercury DrugBe a pharmacist at Mercury Drug
~help manage and stock inventory, ready medicine orders, and prepare special medicinal compounds

KidZania DJBe a radio host and transmit music, news reports, and radio dramas within the city. You may be part of a live radio broadcast. Actual radio host training happening at my side. (more…)

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