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Tokyo Tourism Promotion 2016: “Exciting & TOKYO”

If you are looking for a country with unique culture, kind and civilized people, delicious foods, and stunning landscapes there is no greater place than Japan. Also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, it is considered as one of the hottest destinations for Filipino travelers. As someone who’s never been to this country, I’m not totally surprised because I’ve always known that this country is one of a kind.

Tokyo City Promotion 2016There is drastic increase of Filipino travelers visiting Japan these past few years. In fact, the number has reached to 268,000 people in 2015, about four times larger than that of 2011. Mainly because the difficulties in obtaining visa for Japan, the major barrier for Filipino travelers to Japan, were eased in 2013 with the “alleviation of multiple entry visa regulations” and also the “simplification of single entry visa application for participants of packaged tours organized by accredited travel agencies”.

Koishikawa (2)

When I think of Japan, I imagine a country filled with sushi, ramen, tempura, trains, shrines, temples, Cherry blossoms, robots, and gadgets. I know that I’m not the only one. If I were given a chance to visit any place in the world, Japan is definitely on top my list. (more…)