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Singapore 2014 Part 1: NAIA Departure Guide

I have a long list of international and domestic family travel posts coming up, some were even from years ago. Well, hopefully, I’ll have sufficient time and energy to blog and share with you my family’s travel escapades. It’s not a secret how much we love to see new places, spend quality time together, make wonderful memories and snap thousands of photos. Let our first trip to Singapore last June 2014 be the window to our Team Figuracion’s Travel Diary.

Team Figuracion Travels to Singapore 2014We arrived at NAIA Terminal 2, three hours before our scheduled flight to Singapore. We left home early and made 2-hour allowance for Manila traffic. Since our flight was at 16:20 (4:20 PM), we had ample time to lounge and take photos at the airport. But, first things first, we checked in our baggage the moment we arrived. Back then, there’s no #LaglagBala or #TanimBala modus report so we’re just chill and relaxed in submitting our luggages in the X-ray scanners. We felt safe and protected in our own land.

Keisha’s Airport OOTD:
Top – Disney; Pants – Mango: Shoes – Skechers; Bag – Balenciaga-inspired

Upon entering the airport lobby, I was surprised that there were no lines at the counter unlike when we traveled to Hongkong. Maybe, there were really not that much who prefers to travel late in the afternoon that’s why. We gave our passports and our luggages to the ground crew, thank God that I had no excess baggage. We were then asked to proceed to another counter and paid for travel tax.

International Travel Tax and Terminal Fee

Well, aside from the cost of your plane ticket, you also have to pay for the international travel tax and terminal fees.
Team Figuracion Travels to Singapore 2014 1Travel Tax Rates

Before moving to the Immigration counter, you have to pay terminal fee amounting to P550.00 per passenger.

After paying the travel tax and terminal fees, you may now proceed to the Immigration counter. I know most of you have heard several stories that most of them were strict. Thank God that immigration officials in our country are kind enough in dealing with passengers.

NAIA Immigration Tips:

* You’re not allowed to take photos in this area. In this digital age, almost all our actions are documented. But, please spare this area from your travel documentation.

* When you are traveling with a kid whose passport picture was taken when they were so young, prepare to be asked and be a bit scrutinized. They have to at least see and believe that the you are traveling with the same child.

* Never forget to bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Team Figuracion Travels to Singapore 2014 2After the Immigration and another x-ray scanner , you will be directed to the waiting area. Make sure you are stationed on the correct gate and always be mindful of the time. Look, how calm and relaxed my daughter and I in this photo. I hope with our scheduled international travel this month, we can still sit back like this while waiting for our flight without worrying of the modus rampant in the airport today.

Where to Exchange Travel Currency:

Before boarding, my husband and I made sure that we have exchanged few of our Peso to Singaporean Dollar. Most of the time, we had our cash exchanged in banks. But for those who may not have time to do this, no need to worry since there is a Money Changer booth in the airport.

Team Figuracion Travels to Singapore 2014 5Look, who’s so excited to board? (more…)

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