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How to Make Star Margarine Fairy Bread + Get a Chance to Win Star Fairy Bread Kit

Looking for fun and exciting activity for you and your kid? Why don’t you try to make a Star Margarine Fairy Bread together and turn every snack time into a perfect bonding moment. Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, this activity will surely keep you entertained.

There are days when my daughter complains about having the same snacks in school, and just in time, I learned about the new Star Margarine Fairy Bread pack. When my daughter knew about this, she got really excited. In fact, yesterday, she made her own breakfast and baon using it. Not only it’s easy to make but  it’s healthy as well which makes a perfect alternative baon for kids.

When I was young, I used to make these Fairy Breads. However, it wasn’t called as such back then. Preparing this snack for my daughter definitely brings back my good childhood memories.

To those who are interested to find out how to do this easy peasy healthy snack, here are the steps:

How to make Star Margarine Fairy Bread: