A Visit From The Fairy Hobmother



I have been reading numerous blog posts regarding a magnanimous fairy sprinkling joy, love and fairy dust in the blogosphere. He is no other than the Fairy Hobmother. Yes, you read it right, “HE” is the famous Fairy Hobmother widely known for his great generosity.

Today is my lucky day because finally my hard work paid off, the Fairy Hobmother noticed and visited my blog. And, of course, he didn’t forget to drizzle some dust and surprise me with a special gift, hopefully, it’s a washing machine.

To those who want to experience a little sparkle and be strewed with his pixie dust, post your comments and leave your links below because who knows, the Fairy Hobmother may visit and hop to your site too.

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  1. haze says:

    what a great blessings to be visited by the generous fairy hobmother. I wonder when she would visit me? Oh well, I’m so happy for and surely you deserved this all.

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